Surface Contamination Corrosivity Testing

Our laboratory provides high quality contamination analysis of tape lift samples that you send us. Easily and safely measure corrosive contaminants on sensitive components in data centers and technology spaces.


  • No chemicals or fluids. Safe to use on sensitive electronic components including PCB boards and server inlets.

  • Use a piece of clear tape to remove surface contamination from equipment surfaces and then send to our lab. See instructions.

When we receive your tape lift sample we will send you an invoice which you can pay online. After receiving payment we will process your samples within 2 working days and email you the laboratory reports.

Price per sample: US$137.00

Corrosive contamination is responsible for about 40 percent of electronic equipment failures. Visible contamination on equipment and infrastructure may indicate serious corrosion related downtime in the future. Since not all surface contamination is corrosive, diagnosis is an important tool for avoiding costly downtime and cancellation of insurance and equipment warranties.

Please contact us for instructions how to collect surface contamination samples from equipment using tape and which type of tape we recommend you use. Our instructions also contain labels from mailing your samples to our laboratory.