Image: FLIR infrared image of rack inlets

Thermal Balance Audits

Send us your FLIR infrared images and we’ll create high quality thermal balance reports which show how you can save energy while increasing uptime.

Wide selection of thermal balance reports available:

  • Data Centers

  • Interior & exterior building surfaces

  • 3D spatial air temperature

  • Cold storage facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Office buildings

  • Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • And much more ...

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Thermally balanced facilities with low standard deviation (σ) are much less susceptible to downtime caused by HVAC failures and hot spots.

Data centers can save almost 10% of energy costs for each degree °C increase in rack inlet temperature. In commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for 70% of base building energy consumption and balancing heating and cooling resources can result in huge savings.

Instructions for data center thermal audit *:

Equipment required: Any FLIR camera.

  • Step 1: Take infrared photos of rack inlets.

  • View Imaging Instructions »

  • Step 2: Fill in the submission form.

  • Download Submission Form »

  • Step 3: Create a ZIP file and email images and form to:

  • Step 4: We will send you a quote for creating the ThermalCheckup™ report.

  • Step 5: After receiving payment we email you the thermal report.

* These instructions are for data centers. Please contact us for instructions for other facilities.