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Free Air Contamination Indicator For Data Centers

Zurich, Switzerland -- Technology Care LLC has announced an air contamination indicator which is free of charge for data centers and service providers.

Hans Wyssen, general manager of Technology Care LLC, explains: “Air contamination events caused by improper maintenance procedures can result in unexplained contamination related downtime months or even years later. Contam-Alert makes it possible to see and address contamination events before they can affect data center uptime. “

The credit card sized Contam-Alert™ indicator has a high contrast electrostatic air filter that makes it easy to see if an air contamination event has occurred. The optional laboratory report shows the severity of an air contamination event and if air consistently meets ASHRAE contamination guidelines for data centers.

Technology Care LLC based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a leading provider of air quality audits and air quality testing products for critical environments including data centers and cleanrooms. Contam-Alert™ indicators can be ordered free of charge and obligation at

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