ANSI/ISA-71.04 Corrosion Test

A guideline from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Society of Automation (ISA) 71.04-2013 standard which classify the severity of air quality of field/end-user environment into four levels, including G1, G2, G3 and GX. To classify the measured thickness of airborne contaminants into the various severity level rankings by using pure copper and silver metal coupons exposure at field/end-user environment for one month.


  • Kit price includes laboratory report.
  • Copper and silver reactivity coupons.
  • Recommended monitoring period: 30 days.
  • Credit card size.
  • Non-marking & removable adhesive tab. Simply stick to a wall to start monitoring.

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Kit contents: 1 air corrosion indicator card with copper and silver reactivity indicators, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

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