Credit-Card-Sized Visual Air Contamination Indicator for Data Centers.

ContamAlert™ provides visual warning of elevated air contamination in data centers, server rooms, comms rooms and other technical rooms for up to 5 years.

Advertise your business with ContamAlert™ cards printed with your company information.

Spot air contamination events at a glance!

ContamAlert™ indicators permanently discolor when exposed to air contamination.


  • Return sampler anytime to our laboratory for a comprehensive contamination report. See "Laboratory Report".

  • Easy to use. Just stick to a wall.

  • Super fast worldwide shipping with UPS. Most orders are delivered within 1 week.

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Return ContamAlert™ samplers anytime for a comprehensive air contamination report (see INSTRUCTIONS). When your sampler arrives at our laboratory we will send you a quote for lab processing. The lab report shows if contamination levels are within the following acceptable parameters:

  • Particles: <10 μg/cm2

  • Chlorides: <5 μg/cm2

  • pH: between 5 and 8.5

View Sample Lab Report »

ContamAlert™ is a valuable tool for facility managers and building owners. We offer customized reporting including combining test results from multiple samplers into one report.

ContamAlert™ is widely used by facility managers to monitor air contamination in data centers where settlements resulting from contamination events can cost millions of dollars.