Credit-Card-Sized Air Particle Sampler is FREE for Facilities!

AirCheckup™ is designed to monitor air quality in offices, workplace, hospitals, healthcare, industry, cleanrooms, schools, shopping centers, data centers, hotels, restaurants and more.

Advertise your business with AirCheckup™ samplers printed with your company information.

AirCheckup™ empowers facility managers and building owners to identify and address indoor air quality problems.

AirCheckup™ measures more air particle parameters than any other air sampler on the market today. Easily measure air particle concentration corresponding to ISO 14644-1, airborne asbestos, bioaerosols, PM10, PM2.5, chlorides, pH, particle metrics, radioactivity and more.


  • We provide AirCheckup™ sampling cards at no cost to facilities and facility service providers worldwide. You only pay shipping. *

  • Monitors air contamination 24/7 for at least 1 year.

  • Easy to use. Stick to any vertical surface. Install on racks, walls, pillars and near ventilation ducts. See "Instructions".

  • Return sampler anytime to our laboratory for a comprehensive contamination report. See "Laboratory Report".

  • Super fast worldwide shipping with UPS. Most orders are delivered within 1 week.

* To receive FREE AirCheckup™ sampling cards, please send us an email with the number and approximate size of the rooms you wish to monitor. We will send you a shipping quote for the number of samplers we recommend you install. We do not charge for AirCheckup™ samplers, ONLY for shipping. Click here to send us an email.

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Our laboratory offers a wide range of test reports:

  • Air Particle Concentration corresponding to ISO 14644-1. Recommended: Class 9 for room air and Class 8 for data centers, technology spaces and health care.

  • Bioaerosols corresponding to CFU/m3. Recommended: <1000 CFU/m3 (ACGIH Limit).

  • Particle Metrics: Warns of dangerous airborne particles including asbestos fibers and PM10 / PM2.5 fine particles.

  • Particle Corrosivity: Shows levels of corrosive chlorides and pH. Recommended: Chlorides <5 μg/cm2 & pH 5 - 8.5

  • Particle Radioactivity: Total Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation.

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AirCheckup™ is widely used by facility managers and owners to monitor air quality and address occupant complaints. Every complaint merits a response. Settlements for bodily injury and property damage caused by air contamination can cost millions of dollars!

Air quality professionals use AirCheckup™ to supplement their standard measurement methods and provide additional incites in their air quality audits.

We offer customized reporting including combining test results from multiple samplers into one report.