Using cutting-edge test equipment we create the most comprehensive air quality audits in the industry!

  • Odor Profiles
  • Nano Particle Counts
  • Toxic gases in parts per billion
  • Biological Particles Counts
  • And much much more!

Photo: With 32 gas sensors our Cyranose 320 electronic nose is the world's most advanced portable air quality analyser.

Photo: Graphs created from Cyranose 320 test data empower you to visualize air quality as never before.

Photo: Our nano particle counter (TSI P-TRAK) measures particles down to 20 nanometers!

Photo: Our Rae Systems ppbRae Plus is the most sensitive handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor in the world. Its photoionization detector (PID) provides true parts-per-billion (ppb).

If it's airborne we can measure it!